One of the hottest days of the year and we decided to have a day out. An impromptu adventure but somewhere we discovered during our visit to Llandudno in winter, but was closed at the time, one for The 100 list. And what a good idea it was too.

The mines had been discovered in 1987 almost by accident. The area was to be landscaped and turned into a car park by the local council. During these works the bronze mines were uncovered.

Engineers, cavers and archaeologists started to clear the mines, slowly uncovering more and more tunnels. Using carbon dating they realised these mines dated back 4000 years, much earlier than first thought.

On entry you watch a short video explaining how the mines where found, and the start of the restoration work and dating process. It’s a self guided tour, which takes around 45 minutes to an hour. Partly in the tunnels underground and partly above ground.

There is a sloping path leading to the entrance and then narrow, low tunnels with steps inside. The floor is damp in places and the tunnels are noticeably cooler than outside, a blessed relief on such a hot day.

Through the tunnels are boards with information explaining the process and what was found, used there.

Many of the tunnels had been mined by children aged 5 and over, these are very small and inaccessible so far they have discovered around 5 miles of tunnels over 7 floors deep but they are uncovering more and more as years go on.

Thankfully hard hats are provided and necessary, for me it wasn’t too much of a problem but Simon is over 6ft and several times I heard a ‘clunk’ behind me as his head bumped the roof.

It was good to see varied groups there, families with young children, groups of teen friends, older people, sensible shoes and an awareness of the steps, narrow passageways are a must, but I’d recommend everyone to visit if they are able. A fascinating place.