Book 8 of the Reading challenge – a ‘new to me’ author

This book was recommended by a friend, although I’ve not used it for that category as he also gave another suggestion (and the book) for that one.

This story follows Nora, bored, lonely, depressed and fed up with life she is attempts suicide and discovers ‘the midnight library’ filled with books of her life. The first book is the book of regrets, what could have been. We all have these thoughts, what if I’d said yes/no, taken that other job, etc and it shows her how life could have been different, but also how her current life would have been affected. It’s not always better and you don’t realise what impact you have had on another persons life. She starts to realise that she is lucky, loved and wanted.

This book is filled with self help and motivational ideas, although uplifting it does tend towards the ‘change your mindset’ and everything will fine, you’ll no longer be depressed and while this works for some people it isn’t always the case and medical help should be found.

In parts the book is a little weak (for me) but I did enjoy the idea behind it and was routing for Nora to get the help she needed and enjoy living. I finished this book with a much more positive mindset and actually being able to drop some of those past regrets.

Matt Haig has been very open about his own mental health struggles, especially with depression and suicide. He has written several books along these lines, as self help, motivational and to encourage people to ask for help, if this book encourages one person to seek help then it’s done its job. It certainly left me with a happier mindset and outlook on life.