The allotment has been and is my happy place. The place I go to get away from everything. There I can get lost in my plants and busy with digging and weeding, suddenly the big worries fade and the peace takes over. This year I’ve really managed to get on top of it and have planted up the majority of the plot. With the last section being covered and left unused.

The rhubarb bed was neglected the last 2 years so the harvest was a little lower this year, but we still managed 6 crumbles (with 6 portions per crumble) and I gave plenty away to friends and relatives. Our local supermarket was selling 3 sticks for £1.50 – I could have made a fortune if I’d sold it !

The new strawberry bed is looking good and the old bed is producing well. I have been harvesting strawberries twice a week for almost a month and again passing these on to family, eating plenty fresh and have frozen some. Simon has enjoyed a fair few.

The asparagus was moved to a new weed free bed earlier in the year so I didn’t harvest any this year to allow the crowns time to settle and develop but they’ve all produced well.

The raspberries are taking over everywhere, they are starting to ripen and are lovely and sweet especially the yellow variety. I will have to start digging them out later in the year before they become a nuisance.

The poly tunnel is growing well, the tomatoes took a little time to get going but now are romping away and getting flowers, the cucumber has become a triffid in the corner and the loofah plants are enjoying all the hot weather we’ve been experiencing, no flowers as yet but still time. I’ve also grown pak choi, basil and lettuce around the bottom of the tomatoes to make use of the space and give these tender plants some protection from predators. It’s worked well especially the pak choi which we’ve been enjoying in stir fries at least once a week for several weeks now.

The peas, beans, courgettes, pumpkins, sweetcorn, parsnips, Brussels sprouts and squash are all doing well and will be giving produce later in the year and I’ll update you on those another time.

One of the biggest achievements this year has been my flowers, Phils rose was moved last year and taken well with plenty of large beautiful yellow blooms in amongst the currant bushes. I’ve been cutting the sweet pea flowers for 5 weeks and it is still producing more and more scented flowers, which has been my mums favourite. I’m going to put in a few different colours next year and see how they get on.

All in all it’s been a success, so far and with the hot weather set to continue it looks promising for a bumper harvest (as long is I continue to put the work in watering, feeding and weeding)