I was always a prolific reader, from childhood right through until an eye operation about 5 years ago, enjoying getting lost in other worlds and the companionship of the characters. However over the last few years I’ve read less and less, preferring the laziness of audiobooks and podcasts. In my previous ’50 before 50′ list I had a reading challenge and used one I found on Instagram, so I’ve decided to join in again. It’s aimed at reading 2 books per month, but I’m going to aim for 1 each month and to complete the challenge over the next couple of years. These are the prompts.

  1. With ‘Family’ in the title
  2. Goodreads 2021 winner
  3. Takes you on a journey Dark – Paul L Arvidson
  4. With a heart on the cover
  5. Based on a true story The five – The untold lives of the women killed by Jack the Ripper – Hallie Rubenhold
  6. Recommended by a friend
  7. Historical fiction Dracula – Bram Stoker
  8. About siblings Three wishes – Liane Moriarty
  9. Outside your comfort zone
  10. A holiday book
  11. Set in a different country than you live in
  12. With an animal on the cover
  13. A book with a beautiful cover
  14. Takes place on an island Lord of the flies – William Golding
  15. Free choice
  16. By a biopic author
  17. With a season in the title
  18. 2nd in a series
  19. A ‘new to you’ author
  20. More than 500 pages
  21. About a cult
  22. A book that became a movie
  23. A horror
  24. Re-read a childhood favourite
  25. Gold spine
  26. A book you read with a friend.

The challenge is #26bookswithbrenslibrary_xoxo on Instagram if you want to join in or look for ideas of books to read. I will keep you updated of the books I choose, some prompts are already calling and they will be easy to complete, whilst others will need thought, all be from one our local libraries.

Any recommendations ? You are all friends after all, so you can help with at least one prompt.